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Koras Kloset and Cosmetics was inspired by becoming a new Mommy.  Becoming a new Mom I ran into questions I wasn't sure how to answer, and I found myself using Google for most of my research. Some of the questions I asked were: How old does my baby need to be before she can go out in public? How many times a day does my baby need a diaper change? How long will my baby go between feedings? Most of these questions were due to the fact that being stuck at home I was eager to get out and shop!  But I faced the fear of taking my baby out too early, and while I was out I wondered how long I really had for myself until I had to feed my baby, change her, or really just comfortably be out before she wanted to go home.

I wondered, how am I supposed to buy clothes for my growing baby, if I can't even leave my house! How can I buy clothes for myself (after all, after having a baby your body size changes drastically) Shopping really seemed like more of a hassle then something I usually enjoyed. 

So that brings us to Koras Kloset! The reason behind the name, is my inspiration, my beautiful daughter Kora. She is my pride and joy and really has changed my life and inspired me to create this business.

My main focus is to provide Mom's with a shopping experience for her and her babies. We are a 24/7 online shop with merchandise that constantly gets updated. We also extend our business to local trade-shows so our customers can get the inperson shopping experience.

We provide exceptional customer service so all of our customers are satisfied with our products, whether it's: womens Clothing, jewelry, Baby onsies, shoes or headbands, or Baby Strollers, Car seats. We offer high quality products, and will never sell anything we won't personally wear ourselves or for our baby! 

Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement, so please help spread the word about our business. 

Life is too short to be ordinary, be yourself, stand out and make a difference.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at: 

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